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AP- Advanced Placement

What is AP?

AP tests are college-level exams on specific subjects which are to show the completion of courses students take at highschool. A high score in AP tests will earn the students college credits at some universities and colleges. Earning college credits will result in overall less college tuition bill, so many high schoolers choose to do AP courses throughout their highschool years.

There are 38 AP subject tests, and students may take all if they wish to ( highly not recommended ). AP tests are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest. It is important to obtain at least a 4 to secure college credit. The followings are some popular AP tests that might be worth considered taking it.

  • English Language and Composition
  • United States History
  • English Literature and Composition
  • World History
  • Psychology
  • Gov. and Politics - United States
  • Calculus AB

Physics 1, US-history and Chemistry are considered to be the hardest AP tests. As mentioned before, there are 38 AP subject tests and you can check them out here

How to study for AP?

There are a lot of benefits that students can get from taking AP.

1. It boosts college applications

Taking AP will show you that you challenge yourself and ready for the college education. Passing with a 4 or 5 will impress the colleges and will have a higher chance of acceptance.

2. Show your passion

Taking AP tests on particular subjects such as Physics will demonstrate that you are passionate about the subject. For example, there are four types of AP Physics subject tests and by taking two of them will help you get better understanding at college.

3. Of Course, College Credits!!!

Some colleges give credit for AP classes. This makes it possible to graduate from college in a far shorter amount of time, ultimately saving you money! However, there are some limits of giving college credits and other limitations. Even if colleges won’t give credits for AP scores, AP classes can still get you ahead.

Overall, AP tests are one of the most popular tests that students take before getting into colleges. There are a lot of benefits of it, and in my opinion, every highschool students should take at least one AP course or test.

Where to take AP?

There are several schools that offer the AP courses and examinations for it in Myanmar. But if due to some circumstances, students can go abroad to foreign neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Singapore to take AP exams. Good news is that AP exams are going online so students can take from their home, on their computer.

How to Study For it?

Students can even self-study it if they wish to. There are many resources and prep-books available online. There are private tutors and international schools offering AP courses in Myanmar too.

How much per one exam?

An AP exam cost around $96 only. The cost for the AP Seminar and AP Research exams is $144.

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