Collection of websites to study languages

Collection of websites to study languages




Shoon Lai Than Thar

📚We all know learning a language is hard but there are ways to simplify the process by using different tools to help you along your language learning journey.

Here are 6 free useful apps/ websites that would definitely help improve your language skills:


Memrise is one of the most talked about apps around polyglots and other language learners because of its very user-friendly platform which provides different language learning methods. It mainly focuses on Vocabulary and it includes using flashcards, repetition and other memorization techniques which makes it the best for beginners. Although it has a premium version, many courses on 23 different languages can still be covered with the free version!


📍AnkiWeb ( app+website)

Anki is a simple yet effective flash card application where you can create one, save one or share one with your peers. As the platform is the best for active recall, it is extremely helpful to those who are struggling with memorizing vocabularies or characters. Only a single downside: it is not free for ios users. For more details :


📍Lingua (website)

Lingua mainly offers different styled texts to help practice reading and carry out reading comprehensions. By doing so, learners will learn to improve in sentence structures and vocabulary building of different languages.


📍Readlang (web extension)

With a cute and appealing design platform, Readlang allows you to read any website you like, translate words you don’t know and keep them as flashcards.


🎧Pod 101 (application+website+youtube channel)

Pod 101 is where you can mainly listen to high quality podcasts and work on other skills of language you want to learn, at the same time. Though the websites and apps are not really free you can still access lots of videos on youtube.

Search Pod 101 with the name of the language you are willing to learn in youtube search!

📍Polyglot Club

Polyglot club is a great community to learn and exchange different languages and culture, while having a chance to practice your speaking skills as well as making friends with people from all around the world. (Still, you may need to be a bit more cautious and careful to avoid scams while considering talking to people!)


For further detail information you can check out: (very detail) ( mentions pros and cons)

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