Finland Education System

Finland Education System





Finland is the most popular and best country in the educational industry. Tution fees and others are usually free. They required outside work and less homework. Finland ranks third in the Education Ranking by Countries in 2021. It has the best developed education in the world.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) is the mixture of teaching and nurturing for development below the age of seven. ECEC focuses on the children's development, health and improving the children's skills.

Pre-Primary Education

Since 2015, all children in Finland have been required to attend pre-primary school. It strives to enhance children's chances to learn and grow.

Primary Education and Secondary Education

Primary and Secondary Education are also compulsory for all the children who live in Finland. These contain 1-9 school years. Compulsory Education(Primary and Secondary Education) starts at the age of 7 and ends at 17. It is free of charge for all the children.

Upper Secondary Education

There are two choices here, general education and vocational education.

General Education

Typically, it takes three years to complete general education. Students who complete this, they take a national school-leaving examination (the Finnish matriculation examination). Those who pass the examination can join universities and vacation institutes.

Vocational Education

Practicality and realism are emphasized in vocational education. It offers professional credentials. This is open to both young adults and children. Students who complete vocational training can apply to universities.

Higher Education

Universities and universities of applied sciences are both part of the Finnish higher education system. Universities give higher scientific and artistic education, award Bachelor's, Master's degrees and postgraduate degrees. Universities of applied sciences award Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees. These usually take 4-6 years.

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