Finland For International Students

Finland For International Students




Why Finland?

Due to its very enticing features that other nations cannot offer, Finland is swiftly rising to the top of the list of preferred destinations for many international students. Due to this, Finland has had a sharp increase in the number of international students over the past five years, and it is quickly becoming a sought-after location for students from all over the world. But what specifically does Finland have to offer students that is so alluring? Not only is it a very beautiful nation, but it is also one of the few in Europe to continue to provide international students from EU/EEA nations with a completely free education.

Rules for International Students

Students may now be awarded residence permits for the entirety of their studies with the implementation of new legislation on April 15, 2022. Additionally, researchers and students will be qualified for a two-year permission to look for employment after graduation. Previously, even if their studies continued uninterrupted, students had to submit an application for an extended permit each year. The time frame for job searching following graduation has also been extended by the new regulations. All non-EU students who request a residence permit for their studies are affected by the changes beginning on April 15. Researchers will also notice changes as a result of the amended legislation. All non-EU students who request a residence permit for their studies are affected by the changes beginning on April 15 2022. Researchers will also notice changes as a result of the amended legislation. Around 5,800 students from outside the EU moved to Finland last year.

Part Time work for International Students in Finland

Whether or whether they will be allowed to work part-time while pursuing their higher education overseas is a key concern for international students. We will tell you if you can work part-time while you study in Finland in this article. If an international student is enrolled in a full-time study programme, Finland permits them to work part-time. Students from abroad are permitted to work 25 hours a week. It is always a fantastic option to pay for some living expenses while pursuing higher education. In Finland, there is no such thing as a minimum universal salary, but the majority of workers are covered by collective agreements that outline the minimum pay rates for various industries. The talent, experience, and geographic location of the employment are typically taken into account when determining wages under the collective bargaining agreement. However, Finland has among the highest minimum wages in Europe for the majority of occupations and has the same pay rate applied to both Finnish and international workers.

In Finland, part-time employment pays an average of about €2,500 per month, and there are many opportunities available to immigrants and international students. One can work at grocery stores, motels, dining establishments, resorts, saunas, and theaters (cinema halls). These positions just require rudimentary abilities and a working understanding of either Finnish or English. Students who want to make some extra money while studying sometimes take on delivery and cleaning tasks. Apply for as many positions as you can. Call the recruiters immediately to express your interest in a position rather than waiting for firms to respond.

Of course there are also some important conditions students must know if they want to work.

  • Working hours are not limited during semester breaks.
  • Working part-time should not interfere with your studies.
  • Working part-time should not compromise attendance.
  • You must achieve the university's standards for grades.
  • Universities provide career services to assist students in locating internship-related employment.
  • For university-run research programmes, students can serve as research assistants.
  • Off-campus part-time work openings can be found on job sites and in regional publications.

Is Finland Safe?

Well, this question is almost unnecessary to answer like for real :). It is absolutely safe for all people until some external forces strike (war, etc..). Finland is the place to be if you're seeking a safe area to study abroad because of its low crime rate and exciting way of life. The nation is listed among the top 5 happiest nations in the world, along with several of its Nordic neighbors.


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