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What is HND?

HND (Higher National Diploma), is a higher education qualification which is available in the UK and other International Countries. It is a level 5 qualification provided by the further education colleges, taking two years by taking full-time or three to four years by taking part-time. They are practical-based courses which are perfect for people who want to enter the workforce, students who want real skills for the real world, school leavers (16 to 18) or study towards a bachelor’s degree.

Choosing HND courses

As mentioned above, it is a level 5 qualification and worth 240 credits which is the two thirds of a standard-length undergraduate degree. Students step on HND with Further Education (FE) college or online courses after completing A Level or a sixth form college (Grade - 9 or 10 in Myanmar). Most popular courses in country include -

  1. Business Studies
  2. Electronic and Electronic Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Animal Science
  5. Agriculture
  6. Nursing
  7. Science Subjects Details can be seen in this link:


It is not that complicated. HNC is a Higher National Certificate while HND is a Higher National Diploma. HNC is a one year course which is equivalent to a first year university course. HND is the first two years course so that it has more advanced qualifications.

Where can I take HND?

Students in Myanmar mostly take foundation level which is a certificate level before taking the HND diploma courses since students here are not familiar with researching, necessary computer skills and communication skills. There are quiet a range of universities and colleges providing it, for example, YouthInternational College Myanmar, Myanmar Nobel University and Chindwin Technological University (CTU).


It changes depending on the location, the university and the course. Course costs for foundation degrees vary; for example, an HND in Sport from West Herts College costs £6,165 in year one while a two-year HND in Photography from Bedford College costs £2,948 (plus a £150 resource charge) in year one for UK students in 2021/22.

Acceptance marks for final year

Different universities have different rules. To give as an example, students have to take 15 subjects for level 1 and 2 (first and second year). Among all subjects they have to pass 6 subjects with the merit to be able to get to the final year. This is set by the Portsmouth University who provides HND courses to Chindwin Technological University. ( About the university: )


  1. Since it is based on the developing world and practical, it allows students to have better understanding in a particular subject, enhancing the skills and knowledge on it.
  2. It can help gain experience, helping in the development in professional skills
  3. For students who do not want to attend traditional universities (like Myanmar students who are having hard time trying to choose what to attend for the future), this is the perfect course for them.


  1. It is a continuous course work without end of year examination.
  2. Some described this as role-specific compared to full degrees.


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