Is Reading Double Standard?





Doesn’t everyone picture that person being smart, intelligent,sophisticated and most of all nerdy when they say they read? But is reading only self-improvement and non-fiction considered ‘Reading”?

This has been the most controversial topic in the reader community in 21 century. This egoistic stigma of those who only read these mighty genres such as history, and non-fiction are the true “readers” arguing fiction such as romance, thriller, and mystery should not be called readers. Then I would question them to define “an authentic reader”.What are the restrictions and laws of being a reader? Are we also required to wear glasses and discuss all the time why George Washington’s white wig helped nothing in his presidency? This misconception of being a reader is so absurd to the point I have no words.

Reading is “Freedom”. It has no judgment. We read for fun not to torture ourselves but to enjoy our existence and appreciate the fantasy experiences it can offer. If you enjoy reading about Albert Einstein's millions of experiments, you are a reader. Do you like reading fictional books like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Auston? You are also a reader. Reading has no gender, no age, no race nor limitation on your thoughts. You let yourself float and flow on these waves of words you enjoy. Everyone has their own taste and right to freely enjoy themselves without having to explain.

This double standard is unacceptable and should not exist in the first place..Personally, I have, never in my life, encountered such a ridiculously drawback theory as a reader and a new generation and I am glad that I did not grow up in a social circle where reading fiction and other genres except historical and non-fictional are treated as less than. Never be ashamed of your taste because, in the end, they are not the ones reading the book, you are.

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