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Uopeople, the most convenient for Myanmar students in this situation

I have known Uopeople for a long time. But I had never done research about it as it is an online university and I haven’t finished 10th grade yet. But just the other day, when I was looking for a future plan for the university, I had read thoroughly about Uopeople in their official website - Their learning platform, and a plenty of scholarships, seem really effective. I would say that’s why they were able to endure from 2009 to 2022 till now. Although there are a few flaws, I must say that it is quite decent according to the reviews by the students.(I have read about 200 reviews). Uopeople is an American Accredited Online University made by people who don't take school fees at all. (note - Although there is no school fee, there is an assessment fee). Just simply keep in mind that Accredited means recognized by American education. Uopeople was accredited by DEAC in 2014. (Which means, quality education is assured). Uopeople was founded in 2009 and 87% of graduates get a proper job, 71% are working full-time in well-known companies. Ofcourse, they don’t get jobs instantly after graduating from Uopeople. As stated in reviews, you will need to be willing to learn yourself. It will be more advantageous if you put in more effort. The professors (volunteers) have their own work, so they often take some time to give feedback.

Nas daily made a video with the founder of Uopeople -

TED talk -

Since I have already told a brief about the school, let’s talk about the programs/courses they have and the amount of money that will be charged

As for the Associate programs - Associate degrees in Business Administration Associate degrees in Computer Science Associate degrees in Health Science And since it is an Associate degree, you have to attend for 2 years. After that, you can either join the third year of Bachelor (senior year) or you can also transfer credit for Bachelor at another school and continue. You can also join Bachelor programs at once. But you have to attend for 4 years. Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Health Science As for the Master degree, you will need to join for around 1 or 2 years. Master in Business Administration - 3660$ Master in Education - 3660$ Master in information and technology - 3660$ Those are for a Master degree. Although the school fees are free, they collect money every time they take an exam so that Uopeople can last longer. For Associate degree (2 years) 2460$ For Bachelor degree (4 years) 4860$ Details about degrees - Read the details of other fees and school admission requirements here (In Burmese) - (In English) - By the way, it seems like alot if we calculate with Myanmar currency. The cost of a regular American University or College will be much higher than this. Tens of thousands of dollars. (Even people from their own country can't bear the cost of school, so you can find videos and memes on Yt). Also for the Online uni and college. I have friends who are struggling to pay 10 to 15 lakhs a month even for online community college with the financial aid.

Oh, and there's a calendar showing when the classes start Here -

There is a special Scholarship for Myanmar students who say, “I can’t afford 30 lakhs a year”. As well as there are a lot of scholarships from other foundations. Nowadays, I see many Burmese students get scholarships. How to apply for Scholarship -

“How do you have to study in university?” You will learn with the website (online campus). You have to read, write assignments and submit them to the instructor per week like this. As they are not with Zoom, the time is very flexible. (Ofcourse, there are benefits and disadvantages). And since you have to do a lot of reading and writing in English, your English should be . (Such as intermediate or upper intermediate). Don’t worry if not. You can join the class called “English Composition 1” at the beginning of the course. Read the details here in Burmese - Video that will make you easy to understand about Online learning style -

If you have became a student at Uopeople, How to get into the classroom - Uopeople Myanmar FB page Uo people Burmese students FB gp

In summary, those who are interested in business/IT/Health should at least get the Associate degree from Uopeople University. The scholarships are accessible. High chance to get it free. If you insist on university and study things online, there is a 100% chance that you’re going to acquire a good knowledge about that subject. If you’re a learner of computer science, not only in the university, you can also learn from these websites. with the free resources. Rather than a certificate, if you can really show your work that you can really do this, the good companies will invite you to their community. Oh, by the way, Universities are not meant for only over 20 people. There is no age restriction for the people who really want to seek education. There will be an “ask, answer and share experience” interview with the Uopeople student coming soon on our conceptians organization so please don’t forget to like and follow to our page.

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